“Gucci’s historical archive is an incredible treasure: full of codes, images, icons and artifacts that created the glorious past of the brand…what is crucial is to reinterpret the archive as a powerful source of suggestion that necessarily needs to be reframed and profoundly reinvented according to the contemporary world.” – Alessandro Michele

We aim to create an appealing and radical contemporary identity that reinterprets and reshapes the historical codes of the brand – Italian Style, The Jetset, Femininity, Sexiness – contaminating them with the noises of the world today and the contradictions of urban life. The reinterpretation of these codes is necessary to create a new story that is able to fulfill contemporary desires, expectations and dreams, still rooted in the unique DNA of the brand.



Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1

Departures (Restricted Area) [ Store Map]

  • East Hall North
  • East Hall South
  • West Hall
  • Midfield Concourse
  • North Satellite Concourse

Arrivals (Restricted Area) [ Store Map]

  • East Hall